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Rejuvenated Jewels
Amy Hanna

Class Description

Come spend the day with me playing in velvet boxes and old cigar containers where we will find new life in forgotten treasures. Bring your Granmere's jewelry box with old broken jewelry bits and bobs. Favorite old tin type photos even if they are not your families, favorite religious relics, rosary and medals. Your favorite uncle's watch fobs, keepsakes from a trip to a faraway place. Smashed coins from a machine or one that you placed under the railroad tracks yourself. Bring what ever is special and speaks to you. We all have a different meaning to a treasure so do not be afraid to bring whatever speaks to you and we will try to work with it. I will teach you how to wire wrap and to oxidize to bead and to use things you would not think of using. I will also teach you to solder. I am looking forward to meeting you and to hearing your story of what is special to you.

Students Should Bring:

  • Jewelry Pliers: Both round and flat nose. Two pairs of flat nose if you have them. You can usually find these at your local bead store. You can also order them through Rio Grande Catalog.
  • Wire Cutters: Bring flush cutters, suitable for cutting 16 gauge wire. You can also find these a local bead stores.
  • Wire: Bring wire to fit through your beads, I recommend sterling silver 22, 24 and 26 gauge wire, approximately four feet of each size. Some people prefer brass or copper wire that is fine too. I will be teaching you how to wire wrap so if you do not know how to please bring a cheap wire to practice on 24 gauge will work fine. Remember the cheaper the better to practice on you will probably not want to use the wire you learn on.
  • Chain: Bring a total of two feet of your favorite chain style. I like to use old rosaries, bits of old necklaces, watch chain, and new large link silver or gold chain. I will demonstrate how to oxidize silver chain in class. You can also buy chain at your local bead stores.
  • Beads and Buttons: I love natural semiprecious gems, rhinestone buttons, and old beads found on vintage necklaces. You may want to try to attend a local bead or gem show in your area to purchase stones and pearls, chain or wire the prices are usually better than the bead stores.
  • Necklace Clasp: Bring whatever style you like, I prefer vintage rhinestone clasps but they are hard to find. You can also use sterling silver hooks that can attach to rings made of bone, rhinestone, mother of pearl or metal.
  • Pendant: This will be the focal point, pick something special. I like to use vintage crosses, shoe clips, cameos, lockets, tin types, medals, stones or found objects. Use your imaginations!

Artist Bio

Amy Hanna was raised in Michigan and spent a great deal of time traveling and living across America. She is now the mother of three and resides in Southern California. Amy spends her early hours of the weekend at local flea markets to unleash her creativity and to find lost treasures. With a love of unique art and unable to find jewelry that represented her personal style she began creating one of kind pieces of jewelry made from discarded treasures. Along with flea marketing some of Amy's favorite things to do include taking art classes, teaching classes, traveling, spending time with her family and working in her art studio. Amy has been seen on That's Clever, taught at Artfest and been featured in Belle Armoire magazine.

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