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We are sold out and registration is now closed. Please check back soon for more upcoming retreats!

The Art Nest is thrilled to welcome Jane Wynn, Mati McDonough, and Kelly Rae Roberts to our Winter retreat. Join us at a beautiful mountain chalet above Heber, Utah in a stunning setting where we will be surrounded by lightly falling snow. Sit around the beautiful fireplace relaxing with your new art friends, dining on gourmet food and being pampered in every way. Work with soldering and metal patinas with Jane one day, then gather your papers and paints as Mati and Kelly Rae take us on an amazing painting and collage journey. You will be one of 25 artists to attend this retreat.

The dates for the retreat are February 25th - March 1st, 2009.

Pipe Dreams Layered Forest Painting
Pipe Dreams
Jane Wynn
Layered Forest Painting
Mati McDonough
Dreamy Patchworked & Collaged Letters
Dreamy Patchwork Collage Painting
Kelly Rae Roberts
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